Friday, February 11, 2011

Recap: 7th Month

Your 7th month has been full of fun new adventures! You're getting too big and I can hardly stand it!

Here is what my kid has been up to.

1. Crawling! He is getting really fast. I can no longer step out of the room when he is down on the floor. We are on a mission to baby proof the house because this one gets into everything!

2. Teeth! He cut is two bottom teeth. I cried a little.

3. Eating! His favorite flavors right now are pear, carrot, banana, apple and avocado.

4. Taking a bottle!!!! This is probably my favorite! You may remember this post awhile back about how he refused to even look at a bottle. Seasons change people!

Those were 4 pretty huge development leaps. It's been exciting to watch Dash grow and learn. He is definitely an adventurous little fellow, which just means he'll do well keeping up with his big mischievous brother.

So here is to another month of big leaps and bounds... bring it on 8!

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