Tuesday, September 28, 2010

oh warby

So I ordered my glasses from Warby Parker. Their concept seemed great (great quality lenses, trendy frames all with a great price tag) but I wasn't sure what to expect, but I figured that if I absolutely didn't like them I could return them within 30 days. I tried on a pair "virtually" by uploading a picture of myself and I found some frames that seemed like a good fit for my face. I ordered them with my fingers crossed that they wouldn't be cheap plastic frames that looked bad and didn't stay put on my face.
BOY was I impressed. Not only is their customer service AMAZING but the quality of the lenses and frames is up there with $300+ frames that you can purchase in stores. I have gotten so many compliments on them so far and I can't stop raving about this brand.
Can you believe I only paid $95 for them?! I'm sure you can't, because if you've ever shopped for frames (even with insurance) you know that you either pay a couple hundred dollars or you walk away with specs that everyone has.

These are cheap in price, trendy and amazing quality. And I would hands down recommend and purchase from them again.
I chose the Miles in Amber
Check them out for sure

(I am reviewing this company on my own. They have not paid me or asked me to review them)


I've felt a little busy lately. But in hindsight things haven't been too off the wall. There was some sickness going around my house (just the other night I woke up to puke all over my boy, his bed and sheets) A few more days of sniffles for everyone in the house and now we're all well again. Sickness can really bring life to a halt when you have little ones. The days just sloowww way down and it takes more effort and patience to get through the day, at least for me anyway.
So I'm glad things seem to be back to normal. Baby Little is however teething in full force now, but he is handling it pretty well. Hyland's Teething tablets have come to my (and his) rescue a few times lately and I am very happy that they do the trick.
My big boy also got his first haircut a few weeks ago! Ahh! He looks bigger. And looking at him now I find myself thinking about how handsome he is instead of how adorable he is. =/
I guess they have to grow up sometime


And here are a few more pictures from lately

Happy Tuesday

Saturday, September 4, 2010

date night

After a really long day spent with cranky kids and a headache I was feeling the need to get out with my man. We don't do date nights as much as we should. We're busy doing things for other people and trying to save all the money we can. But last night when C asked me what we should do for dinner (it was already 6pm) all I could think of was getting out by ourselves.
My sweet mom said she could babysit for us and I already had some pumped milk in the freezer. We headed out to grab some quick dinner so we could catch a showing of  'Scott Pilgrim vs the world'. It was light hearted and super entertaining. Just what we needed. It was so great to get out on our own, we should definitely try to do it more.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

swatch swatch... win

Paint. It is complicated. The color never looks the same on the wall as it does on the swatch. I have delayed painting my house because I just hate shopping for and testing colors, but a friend of mine had a mountain of color swatches (from choosing her house colors) and so half the work was already done for me. I started sorting colors and setting aside ones that I liked.
Well I guess I am in a mint/teal phase because that was what I ended up with (aside from one gold tone, that I later decided against). I settled on a color called "Mint Whisper" for the master bedroom. I was going to just get a sample first but I decided that I REALLY liked the color and if I didn't like it in the master then I would just use it in a different room. I was nervous when I lifted the lid and dipped my brush, but as I started to get the color on the wall things looked promising. I did a square on each wall (to see it in all lighting) and let it dry.
And guess what?! When I woke up the morning and examined it thoroughly I still REALLY liked it. Major score. Now I have to actually finish the room and cross my fingers that I like it when it's all done.
I will post a photo once it is finished..... here's to hoping!!

If you have any color suggestion for colors that have worked well for you let me know!

"Mint Whisper" Valspar paint, Lowes

I have to mention that my favorite inspiration site right now is Decor8, you should definitely check it out. There are some brilliant design ideas available there.