Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I've felt a little busy lately. But in hindsight things haven't been too off the wall. There was some sickness going around my house (just the other night I woke up to puke all over my boy, his bed and sheets) A few more days of sniffles for everyone in the house and now we're all well again. Sickness can really bring life to a halt when you have little ones. The days just sloowww way down and it takes more effort and patience to get through the day, at least for me anyway.
So I'm glad things seem to be back to normal. Baby Little is however teething in full force now, but he is handling it pretty well. Hyland's Teething tablets have come to my (and his) rescue a few times lately and I am very happy that they do the trick.
My big boy also got his first haircut a few weeks ago! Ahh! He looks bigger. And looking at him now I find myself thinking about how handsome he is instead of how adorable he is. =/
I guess they have to grow up sometime


And here are a few more pictures from lately

Happy Tuesday

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