Wednesday, September 1, 2010

swatch swatch... win

Paint. It is complicated. The color never looks the same on the wall as it does on the swatch. I have delayed painting my house because I just hate shopping for and testing colors, but a friend of mine had a mountain of color swatches (from choosing her house colors) and so half the work was already done for me. I started sorting colors and setting aside ones that I liked.
Well I guess I am in a mint/teal phase because that was what I ended up with (aside from one gold tone, that I later decided against). I settled on a color called "Mint Whisper" for the master bedroom. I was going to just get a sample first but I decided that I REALLY liked the color and if I didn't like it in the master then I would just use it in a different room. I was nervous when I lifted the lid and dipped my brush, but as I started to get the color on the wall things looked promising. I did a square on each wall (to see it in all lighting) and let it dry.
And guess what?! When I woke up the morning and examined it thoroughly I still REALLY liked it. Major score. Now I have to actually finish the room and cross my fingers that I like it when it's all done.
I will post a photo once it is finished..... here's to hoping!!

If you have any color suggestion for colors that have worked well for you let me know!

"Mint Whisper" Valspar paint, Lowes

I have to mention that my favorite inspiration site right now is Decor8, you should definitely check it out. There are some brilliant design ideas available there.

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  1. Hey... I want to paint!!! will have to save me a spot to put the brush to for when I get back. Can't wait to see it.