Monday, April 18, 2011


Yesterday we planted our garden. It is small but perfect for our family of four. Getting everything together was slightly stressful - Oliver was REALLY trying to "help" with everything. His little hands digging around in the compost trying to plant seeds with me. I don't know if our spinach is going to sprout, since the 1/2" deep sowing was more like 3" deep, but what can you do... those little hands like to help and those little minds like to learn - they need to.

Here is what we planted:

The aforementioned - Spinach

Here is what we still need to plant:


We're also going to plant a blueberry bush. We have a small starter plant that I am going to start out in a pot. We'll most likely do that today.

This is my very first garden. I'm excited to watch it grow and pick and eat my produce.

 There is something deliciously magical about planting, growing and eating by the work of your own hands. 


It was a sweet weekend with our little family. 
I hope that your weekend was sweet too.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Photoshoot Sneak Peek

Here is a little glimpse at the photoshoot I keep mentioning. More to come soon about the project these pictures are for! Trust me wivesies you'll want to stay tuned!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dashel: 8 + 9 month recap

The last two months have been huge development wise for my little babe. I cannot believe that he will be 10 freaking months on the 16th. I honestly do not know where the time went. 
I can say that I have enjoyed every minute of him. He is a delight and his charming little baby smile is contagious. People definitely stop to admire him, little flirt.

-Climbing and standing are his new favorite things. He only crawls somewhere so that he can pull up and stand (and to follow around his big bro).

-Adores Oliver... like really really loves him.  

-He loves food (still) and has not become picky yet, thank goodness. Favorite food is yogurt, he's always completely willing to gobble that right up. I feel like he might be transitioning to more food and less breastmilk. We're still nursing every 3-4 hours but he will not nurse anywhere other than his nursery, so if we're out he will contently just take food. This does make me a little sad... but we're not totally there yet and he may surprise me and want to nurse until he's 2. You never know with these fickle little people!

-He waves 'hello' - so cute. 

-He's getting more blond hair - and it's curly be still my beating heart!

-He loves to bang on anything. "Boom Boom" are common words around our house.

-Loves to eat my hair. I have to wash it everyday now or else I find little leftover snacks in it. Charming.

-He has started to sleep better more frequently - this topic is a whole other post that I'm working on, so more of this later...

-He has 4 teeth (2 top & 2 bottom) and he is working on cutting 2 more bottom ones at the moment.

-He is starting to show some stubbornness and determination. With the genes in both of our families this was inevitable. He's a sweet little spitfire.

-He LOVES LOVES being outside! If I walk past our front door while I'm holding him and we don't go out he'll get fussy and look super offended. He's definitely a little nature boy.

-He loves when daddy comes home from work

-He still loves to snuggle. This is my favorite part.

You are so precious to me. I love seeing your personality change and develop. You love adventure and exploring new places, but you always come back to me for snuggles and kisses. I love seeing you watch your brother with fascination and excitement - I cannot wait until you can both really play together, I can tell that is what you're waiting for too. I feel privileged to be your mama. Your smile lights up my life. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Today Oliver woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Tantrums and whining have been flying all over the house this morning/afternoon. My mood could be better too, but I did get to go have lunch with my hubby so that gave me a small reprieve. 
Days like this are tough. I hate not enjoying my time with my son, but honestly when it's fits and screaming all day - who would enjoy that? Just being honest. 

I'll do a fun post tomorrow. Hope you're day is going breezy!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

pictures on a tuesday

Favorites from the weekend

What I Wore

EDIT: This post was supposed to go up yesterday but my internet was being flaky. Thanks timewarner 

Happy Monday friends! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Mine was so great. The photo shoot didn't go totally as planned BUT the few photos that I've seen look amazing! Anna did such a good job despite the freakish storm that rained us out. I will post some sneak peek pictures soon!
Sunday was also a treat with a long nature walk with my babes and one of my besties. Then some grocery shopping and new shoes for the big boy. I was exhausted at the end of the day but it was such a good weekend with lots of friends and laughs.

Today was a bit of a blur with housework and a little more spontaneous summer clothes shopping (thanks forever 21 for having some cute stuff this year).

So here is what I wore for todays escapades 

Weird face

Dress: borrowed (f21 I think)
Belt: Lucky clothes swap find
Under shirt: Target - looks black actually plum
Shoes: Hooded Mossimo sandals in Olive - Target

Saturday, April 9, 2011

weekend plans

I. Am. So. Excited! 
Today some of my lovely wifey/mama friends are doing a photo shoot for an upcoming web project (more on this soon). I'm going to wear this fun little floral cotton dress and some vintage heels with bangs and I can't wait to see what my lovely gals will be wearing - they are ALL so incredibly stylish. 
I'll try to snap some sneak peek photos to tease you all with. 

It is sure to be a fun Saturday. Until the photo shoot me and the hubs will be doing a little yard work because the weather is perfect right now and our entire lawn has been taken over by weeds, bleh. 

What are your weekend plans? Hope you all have some nice weather to enjoy!



I do not think that I could love my husband any greater (of course I can)
Honestly, this man makes fireworks in my heart.

Picture from a date night a few weeks ago

Friday, April 8, 2011


This is my view this morning as I drink my coffee. Excellent. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Quail Stitch/ What I Wore

Today the weather is amazing, it is the perfect spring day- 70 and sunny with a slight breeze; it is the perfect day for a birthday! Happy Birthday to my sister love, Molly, from Quail + Stitch.

Since she is in college and has a class today our parents, and me and my boys decided to meet up with Molly for an early lunch near her campus. I had an amazing salad with fruit and an iced chai (my fave). I forgot my phone in the car so I didn't catch any pictures of us but we had a fun quick little lunch date.

Here is what I wore for this easy casual lunch

Ignore that my hair desperately needs a trim!!

Dancin' to a little Public Radio


Stripes are like me clothes anthem

Top: BDG Stripe Tee from UO
Pants: BDG skinny cigaret grazers in black  UO
Sandals: Mossimo hooded flat sandals in olive Target
Earrings: Lucky clothes swap find from Jess
Cutest little jammie-clad boy ever: MINE! 

Be sure to check out PUBLIC RADIO 

ps. first 'What I Wore' post... eeek.