Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dashel: 8 + 9 month recap

The last two months have been huge development wise for my little babe. I cannot believe that he will be 10 freaking months on the 16th. I honestly do not know where the time went. 
I can say that I have enjoyed every minute of him. He is a delight and his charming little baby smile is contagious. People definitely stop to admire him, little flirt.

-Climbing and standing are his new favorite things. He only crawls somewhere so that he can pull up and stand (and to follow around his big bro).

-Adores Oliver... like really really loves him.  

-He loves food (still) and has not become picky yet, thank goodness. Favorite food is yogurt, he's always completely willing to gobble that right up. I feel like he might be transitioning to more food and less breastmilk. We're still nursing every 3-4 hours but he will not nurse anywhere other than his nursery, so if we're out he will contently just take food. This does make me a little sad... but we're not totally there yet and he may surprise me and want to nurse until he's 2. You never know with these fickle little people!

-He waves 'hello' - so cute. 

-He's getting more blond hair - and it's curly be still my beating heart!

-He loves to bang on anything. "Boom Boom" are common words around our house.

-Loves to eat my hair. I have to wash it everyday now or else I find little leftover snacks in it. Charming.

-He has started to sleep better more frequently - this topic is a whole other post that I'm working on, so more of this later...

-He has 4 teeth (2 top & 2 bottom) and he is working on cutting 2 more bottom ones at the moment.

-He is starting to show some stubbornness and determination. With the genes in both of our families this was inevitable. He's a sweet little spitfire.

-He LOVES LOVES being outside! If I walk past our front door while I'm holding him and we don't go out he'll get fussy and look super offended. He's definitely a little nature boy.

-He loves when daddy comes home from work

-He still loves to snuggle. This is my favorite part.

You are so precious to me. I love seeing your personality change and develop. You love adventure and exploring new places, but you always come back to me for snuggles and kisses. I love seeing you watch your brother with fascination and excitement - I cannot wait until you can both really play together, I can tell that is what you're waiting for too. I feel privileged to be your mama. Your smile lights up my life. 


  1. eeeee!!!! little sweet boy! i LOVE him!!!!

  2. I just love him!
    I can't believe our babies are 10 months old!

    He will always be Adoration's first boyfriend.

  3. hehe... they're the cutest little baby-loves.

    And I can't believe it either! It's breaking my heart.