Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Dreaming of hot summer days by the pool. I'm in love with these beauties. 

J. Crew

American Apparel


Friday, January 21, 2011

What would you do...

Since it is Friday and it has felt like another long week I doing a little daydreaming.

Here is what I'd be doing today if I had the day to myself with no obligations. And of course my day would start after I slept in...

I'd start with doing a little workout on the elliptical 

Then have a nice little green beverage

And a little lunch

Browse some Antique shops

Grab a little dinner

and finish the day with a steamy cup of Earl Grey tea and a book....

ahhh, sounds lovely, yeah?

What about you? If you had the day to yourself how would you spend it?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

early memories

Newport Beach California

Every once in awhile I get a pang of childhood whimsy. Growing up we spent a great majority of our time on the beach. The days seemed endless with squelching sand to warm us after swimming in that crisp Pacific Ocean. When I think back on those times a playlist of early 90's radio streams in my head and I feel as though I can smell that salty air and feel that coastal wind whipping through my hair. I can see my brother teaching me how to body surf, my sister digging for sand crabs and gathering them in a bright red bucket and my parents on striped beach towels wearing oversized hats and sunglasses. It was simply blissful and somedays I wish I could go back there, if only just to appreciate it more. 

I am so grateful that I can look back upon my childhood and remember glorious times. That goodness is the first thing I think of when I remember being a kid....
 And I hope that no matter what happens in our lives now that my children will think back to these young days with fondness - and that they will one day wish they could dissolve themselves back into these times. 

How about you... What are some of your favorite childhood memories? 

Friday, January 14, 2011


Happy Friday lovelies! I am SO glad it is the weekend! After being snowed in for 3 days and then Cody working the last few evenings I am ready for some R&R. And thanks to my spontaneous bestie we are getting a little dinner date night tonight ;)

Here are some things I am loving/wanting/needing...

Just got this dress from ModCloth - Going to wear it on our date tonight! 
Would love to wear these Anthropologie clogs!

And I love everything from my friend Jessie Mathis's Etsy store The Lost and Found. Handmade knits, check her out! 

Never thought I would want to buy a Ford, but we LOVE this car, the Ford Freestyle! Hoping to be purchasing one before Spring.  I am super excited to have my own vehicle, we've shared 1 car for 5 1/2 years and it has saved us a lot of money, but we're ready to try out a new season of not being trapped in the house with 2 babies all the time!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

caught in the season

My holidays were a blur of delight. We spent Thanksgiving with my family and then spent the next weeks getting prepped for Christmas with shopping, decorating and creating memories. My love had some saved up vacation days so he got to be home with us for just over 2 weeks... glorious.

And now it is the New Year, 2011, it sounds like the future doesn't it? Weird! I have lots of hopes and visions for this year and I'm excited to see the things to come. I hope to create many beautiful (read sellable) things this year... clothes and accessories. So be on the lookout for that. =)

My darling Dash is 7 months old now and time just seems to be slipping right through my fingers. He is just learning how to caterpillar crawl and had his first few tastes of sweet potatoes the other night, he loved them! We're working on sleeping still and that is a bit exhausting but since I've been through this once before I feel a bit more relaxed about the whole thing, which is very nice.

Oliver, our strong souled little sweetie, is going through a bit of rambunctious 3 year old-ness. He's discovered hitting and throwing and saying 'No' constantly... Cody and I thought that he just skipped over that phase but alas it just slipped in a little later for us. I guess sometimes if it isn't one thing it is another, regardless I couldn't love him more, little squirt! He is really into puzzles right now, which is fun. He has started requesting bedtime stories and if he ask him what he wants to eat at any given time he will say "Cookies!" or "Cake!"... haha.

So now that you are a tiny bit caught up on us here are some photos for your enjoyment...

Sweet boys

Freezing our booties off in some unexpected Christmas snow


A super flattering sibling candid ;)

Ergo naptime

And just because... I love this man.