Wednesday, January 19, 2011

early memories

Newport Beach California

Every once in awhile I get a pang of childhood whimsy. Growing up we spent a great majority of our time on the beach. The days seemed endless with squelching sand to warm us after swimming in that crisp Pacific Ocean. When I think back on those times a playlist of early 90's radio streams in my head and I feel as though I can smell that salty air and feel that coastal wind whipping through my hair. I can see my brother teaching me how to body surf, my sister digging for sand crabs and gathering them in a bright red bucket and my parents on striped beach towels wearing oversized hats and sunglasses. It was simply blissful and somedays I wish I could go back there, if only just to appreciate it more. 

I am so grateful that I can look back upon my childhood and remember glorious times. That goodness is the first thing I think of when I remember being a kid....
 And I hope that no matter what happens in our lives now that my children will think back to these young days with fondness - and that they will one day wish they could dissolve themselves back into these times. 

How about you... What are some of your favorite childhood memories? 

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