Thursday, January 13, 2011

caught in the season

My holidays were a blur of delight. We spent Thanksgiving with my family and then spent the next weeks getting prepped for Christmas with shopping, decorating and creating memories. My love had some saved up vacation days so he got to be home with us for just over 2 weeks... glorious.

And now it is the New Year, 2011, it sounds like the future doesn't it? Weird! I have lots of hopes and visions for this year and I'm excited to see the things to come. I hope to create many beautiful (read sellable) things this year... clothes and accessories. So be on the lookout for that. =)

My darling Dash is 7 months old now and time just seems to be slipping right through my fingers. He is just learning how to caterpillar crawl and had his first few tastes of sweet potatoes the other night, he loved them! We're working on sleeping still and that is a bit exhausting but since I've been through this once before I feel a bit more relaxed about the whole thing, which is very nice.

Oliver, our strong souled little sweetie, is going through a bit of rambunctious 3 year old-ness. He's discovered hitting and throwing and saying 'No' constantly... Cody and I thought that he just skipped over that phase but alas it just slipped in a little later for us. I guess sometimes if it isn't one thing it is another, regardless I couldn't love him more, little squirt! He is really into puzzles right now, which is fun. He has started requesting bedtime stories and if he ask him what he wants to eat at any given time he will say "Cookies!" or "Cake!"... haha.

So now that you are a tiny bit caught up on us here are some photos for your enjoyment...

Sweet boys

Freezing our booties off in some unexpected Christmas snow


A super flattering sibling candid ;)

Ergo naptime

And just because... I love this man. 

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