Wednesday, June 8, 2011

back to normal

It is so nice to be back to normal. While Cody was gone (for 5 days) me and the babies had to deal with colds and I got very minimal sleep, and when I did sleep my bed tried to swallow me (the air chamber in the mattress was slowly leaking... I felt like I was in a sinkhole). It just seemed like nothing could go right. I hate that feeling.
But I do love that as soon as he was home everything just seemed right. The babies were grinning from ear to ear (so was I). We took a quick stop by the pool, they were closed for a swim meet but we convinced them to let us swim for a minute and then we grabbed a fresh strawberry slushy from the fruit stand by the pool. Later we went out on a family date for some delicious pasta then returned home to put the kids to bed and have a snuggly night.
Oliver missed his daddy especially much during this trip. He cried for him every night. Poor babe
I am so grateful for my husband. He is such an amazing man. He does so much for us and so willingly. I am glad he got a vacation because he deserved it... but I like it much better when he is home, and so does he.

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