Monday, November 8, 2010

On the cheap

Our house is slowly (think snail's pace) coming together. It is very exciting! We've moved so much in the last 5 years that I've never really wanted to put a lot into accessorizing my house, but now that we've purchased a home I'm loving all the little details. Here is a look at a few recent - super cheap- purchases I've made lately. All of the free item were gifted to us by my parents.

Owl candle holder from Marshall's $7.99

Owl statue that makes me laugh - free

Throw pillows - Marshall's $5

New (to us) sofa c/o Kristina $100

Shaggy area rug (detail photo) - free! 

Target plastic cups (plus 2 ladybug ones that I couldn't find?) $0.90/ea

Little plates from Target $1.25/ea purchased 4

"Good Night" pillow cases (photo taken on my couch) c/o Urban Outfitter's online $4.99/set 

Target 3 tiered serving tray - $6

Coffee thermos Marshall's $7

Table for kitchen nook - Free! 

Vintage detail seat cushions for kitchen table - Free! 

There are still tons of things that I want to get/do with our home.  Since we are on a pretty tight budget it is a slow work in progress, but I'm loving the adventure of trying to find things 'on the cheap'.

I know these photos suck! All I have is a little point and shoot cannon. Hopefully there will be a shiny new camera in my future!


  1. love marshalls. love how cute my old couch looks in your house. so glad it has a good home.

  2. This is great, Lauren. My house is also coming along slowly. But I'm enjoying taking it slow and finding the perfect things and deals.
    Love what you have found and done with your decorating!!

  3. Kristina, I will take care of her ;)

    Thanks Rebekah! We should go deal scouting sometime

  4. Looks great! I'm still in the process with our home too. *sigh* The decorating *is* fun, but I also wish it were done now. LOL. :-p

  5. these are seriously some great finds!! and great deals! i am in love with your owl candle holder, i want to look for one now :) Isn't decorating fun?!

  6. Reyanna, I saw some photos on your blog - so beautiful and organized!

    Amber, Thanks! It is super fun especially when you find great deals! I too heart my owl candle holder. I hope you can find one!