Friday, November 12, 2010

Oliver Cole

Birthing you was the most challenging fight that I've ever won. Raising you has tested everything that I thought I knew about myself. You changed me. You forced me to grow and mature. You taught me how to love unconditionally and sometimes beyond that. You turned the light on in my heart the moment I knew I was carrying you in my womb and I would never go back and undo all that we've done together.
You are my firstborn and I can't even describe how funny and original you are. Sometimes your daddy and I just stare blankly at each other in amazement when you say something incredibly smart and humorous. I wasn't sure how you would handle becoming a big brother, but again, you amazed us with your love and compassion for your new little brother-friend. You are passionate, kind, smart, witty, and super stubborn - and I love you exactly that way.
My hope is that you always feel secure in our never ending affection for you. That you always stay true to yourself, even now. And that you follow wherever your passions may take you in this life.

Little one, today you are 3 years old and I feel like I can't claim you as little anymore, but you'll always be my baby.  Now lets party!!

-Your mama                                                





  1. Thanks for having him!! every word is so totally true. Oliver is one of the most amazing little people that I know. We are all so completely blessed and fortunate that we get to watch as he grows up. And God picked the PERFECT parents for him! Thanks for sharing Oli with us Lauren.