Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"super mom"

My oldest Little has a pass to a local kid's play place, JumpE Place. We decided to spend a little of our afternoon there with grandma and his cousin. Of course we arrived first and there was a poo diaper to change. With Little being 2 1/2 it wasn't pretty (mama's of toddler you get it), I hauled myself with baby Little in his Hotsling, the diaper bag, and poo guy to the bathroom - where they DO NOT have a changing table (wtf?). I proceeded to NOT lay him down on the floor but have him hover himself over the toilet, I discarded his diaper in the trash and wiped his bum and flushed the remains. (tmi?). All the while poor baby Little was bobbling around in his carrier with a sour little look on his precious face.

Aside from the small poo event we had an awesome time. Little got out a lot of energy and is now passed out in his bed. I have to say a little thanks to my morning cup of coffee for helping me feel like I could be a "super mom".... so, thanks for that, coffee.

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