Monday, May 16, 2011

Dashel: 10 months recap

The past month flew by. Crazy fast. 
Month 10 proved a little challenging for me and little guy.
Let's just say that he has definitely discovered his strong will and determination. I am used to having a strong willed child (ahem, Oliver) but I've always considered Dashel my easy going/go with the flow baby. Well, time to buckle my seat belt, because these boys are some wild hearted ones.

Here are some things that Dashel fell in love with this past month.

1. Dogs- We dog-sat for our friends and Dash fell in love with chasing the poor little dog around. He actually started trying to say dog: "Da- ga". So sweet. It was a very entertaining 4 days.

2. Teething biscuits. Maybe he was vibing off of the dog being around, but he loves chopping and drooling on baby teether biscuits.

3. Biting. He loves to bite. Working on breaking that habit. 

4. Laughing at the word "No". He thinks it is hilarious when I tell him "No", of course saying it doesn't actually deter him at all from doing whatever he had in mind to do. But at least it stops him for a second and gives him a good belly laugh. 

5. Jumping. He loves holding onto the edge of anything, and violently jumping and shaking. So funny.

6. Music. This is my favorite of his new discoveries. He LOVES loves music. Especially beating and strumming on his daddy's or  his brother's guitar. He sings too. omg. So precious. 

7. Hanging upside down. If he had the choice I don't think he'd be right-side up anymore. 

8. Being naked. And just in time for summer weather too. We have a little song we like to sing at diaper changing time - "Air that booty out" It mostly started because he is SUCH a hassle to get re-dressed after a diaper change. It is really all we can do to even get a diaper back on him. Chubby little nakey boy.

9. He still adores the outdoors. Which has been fun for morning walks.

10. Snuggles. For a little bit it seemed like he was changing his tone of snuggling. But I'm happy to report that he is back in the cuddle zone. Which makes me infinitely happy.

You are my prize. I'm in love with you more everyday. I'm in love with watching you grow and change. It is breaking my heart that you are about to enter your 11th month, and you are not far from being a 1 year old. I cannot believe that. But I cherish every second with you, sweet boy. And no matter your age you'll always be my baby. Love love love, Your mama. 


  1. What a sweet baby boy!! It really does go by so fast, huh? I think I'm even more aware of it the second go 'round.