Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sew Inspiring

Put your hands up if you think afford, cute, well tailored, trendy and comfortable maternity clothes are impossible to find!

This was my experience with both pregnancies. It was so frustrating to find things that I wanted to wear. I wore my belly band with regular jeans and tried to find x-long shirts to cover my bump. Dresses were an option but I kind of got bored with them and by my 3rd trimester that's about all I could fit into. I felt cute a good portion of the time - but it took lots of effort. I couldn't just grab from my closet and wear anything I pulled out. A lot of my friends have experienced this dilemma too. Sure Isabella Oliver, and Pea in The Pod have some super cute looks - but I just couldn't shell out that kind of money.

So what is the solution? Well, nothing yet =).... but I have this dream  - See I really really really want to design a maternity clothing line. I already have a million ideas swirling in my mind. And I want to be able to make custom sizes, because not all pregnant bodies are created equal. My problem lies in that I have not had the time to devote to increasing my sewing experience. I can do basic pattern work but my machine isn't top of the line and my finances aren't really expendable for buying loads of experimental fabric. But I don't want those things to hold me back. Because what good is a dream if you can't just go for it - failure or success.

So here is where you can help me! Anyone with sewing skills - you can teach me some tricks! My sister has purchased a serger (yay!) that I have access to. If you want to donate scrap material that would be a plus too! And maybe in a few years I can make this idea come alive... hopefully.


  1. oohh love it! totally go for it girl. I think you would be so great at it.

    You can always get plain old muslin for practicing patterns.

  2. Sounds awesome! When I have money (hee hee), I'll contribute any way I can! :-)